KILAU Video Clip...

Proudly present to all our blog visitors and specially dedicated to our sponsors (current and upcoming). With a very limited budget, we try our best to deliver the first baby named KILAU.....happy watching!

Our FIRST baby - 'KILAU'

Assalamualaikum wbt, Ahlan wa Sahlan, Bonjour, Buenos Dias and hello to every one! This is the first time that our faculty, Faculty of Manufacturing Engineering of Universiti Malaysia Pahang will compete in the World Solar Car Challenge in Australia. When the first time we were told about the invitation, we were so excited of going to explore a new land!

Our first step of course was a general disscussion about the structure, the solar panel, the battery, the wheel and all of the electronic systems. It took a lot of time to plan, and much more time on manufacturing it! Seems this is our first time participating, we have to prove to our sponsor (which is our beloved university) about the reliability of this project in the future. Our main challenge is the budget. We compare our capacity with other participant all around the world, and even with the participant of the same country as us, we are much left behind in terms of the budget.

But we beleive that a solar car, must be as cheap as possible so that it could be an affordable vehicle one day. The solar technology in our country is still expensive as in French we say "la peau de fesse" (too expensive!!!). But we believe that with this modest effort of our team, we could wake the people up to see that Solar energy has a big prospect in the future. Maybe most of people will compare the Solar car with the petrol or diesel car, which had attracted so much attention and become the most dependable energy nowadays. But the petroleum crisis proves that one day we will have no more choise than returning to the renewable energy like Solar.

The budget of our Solar Car is under RM50 000. We select the best materials for a reliablity and stability and at the same time cheaper so the budget doesn't depass the limit.